You are about to embark on a healing journey that is probably unlike anything you have ever previously experienced. You will receive lifetime tools to empower you to do more of your own healing and to achieve a greater state of inner calm, peace and connection, regardless of whatever symptom may afflict you. More, you will learn how to turn discomfort into healing and joy.

SHeM1 Integration Training is based on a completely different paradigm of how to relate to pain or illness. This is based upon the most cutting-edge scientific understanding of the body/mind/spirit.

Researchers claim that 95% of all pains and illnesses result from “undigested emotion”. That is worth repeating: 95% of all pains and illnesses result from “undigested emotion”. 

“Undigested emotion” is emotion not dealt with by the frontal lobe of the brain. In such a case, the person does not experience the emotion, or experiences it only partially. The unexperienced emotion is stored in the body as energy or vibration. The major cause of “undigested emotion” is defense physiology.

Defense physiology (DP) arises from perceived threat. This can be from a) actual threat, b) too much information in the environment from physical, emotional and/or chemical stimuli, c) subconscious messages that certain feelings or experiences are "wrong". DP causes disconnection between your frontal lobe (awareness) and heart (experience). 

DP has a very profound effect. When a person feels threatened, all his body/mind functions are attuned to simple survival. Any function other than those involved in fight-or-flight is extraneous. Therefore, there is little room for self-awareness, particularly of emotion. Again, the part of your brain responsible for self-awareness is your frontal lobe. During a fight-or-flight/defense reaction, the blood supply to the frontal lobe is dramatically decreased, resulting in diminished function. The body does this in order to best utilize the blood supply, vital energy and information processing resources for survival. During a truly threatening situation, this is a healthy response and should last no longer than 5-20 minutes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are stuck in defense due to reasons (b) and (c) stated above. Thus, most people are chronically lacking in self-awareness to some degree. The medical term for this is “Alexythymia”. I call this lack of self-awareness Physio-Emotional Galus (P.E.G.). Galus is Hebrew, and is translated here as an unavoidable, Divinely directed fragmentation of the whole. It is an appropriate description for this state since PEG is a direct and unavoidable consequence of being in this world, and it fragments your body/mind into an intellect separated more or less from inner experience.

Besides having such an adverse impact on your health (as per the research quoted above), PEG also severely decreases your ability to experience inner joy and love. Furthermore, PEG diminishes your ability to pray with depth of feeling and interferes with achieving meditative states. These abilities and states are essential and indispensable for achieving personal growth. So PEG really is a peg which keeps people stuck where they are. More details of the profound effect of PEG individually, culturally, historically and spiritually are forthcoming in a book in progress, please G-d.

SHeM1 Integration Training is a tool for redemption from the state of Physio-Emotional Galus, i.e. for recovering from sustained Defense Physiology. It is based upon known principles of physiology and is consistent with Torah/Kabbalah principles of illness/wellness. 

The unconscious mind works both in conjunction with as well as independently from the conscious mind. So, SHeM1 Integration Training works dually on the unconscious and conscious levels. First, your unconscious mind must learn to perceive safety. Most people perceive the world as threatening, more or less, from their earliest years, and so, it takes time to teach the unconscious mind to maintain a baseline perception of safety–one to two months on average.

Feeling safe increases your ability to deal with information and stress. During the initial period of care, most people experience much more overall ease in life. Most of their physical symptoms diminish or resolve and they feel more relaxed, even under stressful situations. 

For those who want more tools for personal growth, the next phase of care utilizes the increased flexibility of your body/mind as we work together to now increase your awareness of alienated, suppressed, defended aspects of yourself in order to reintegrate them into your whole self. As the process unfolds, you become empowered to do more and more of the work on your own, be’H. 

The foundations of SHeM1 Integration Training are 1) Network™ Chiropractic Entrainments * (light touches on neck and sacrum stimulating points of safety we call “Spinal Gateways”) which elicit greater sense of safety and increased ability to process information, thus diminishing the defense response and 2) Experience Integration Exercise (based on Somato-Respiratory Integration™* which helps you know if you are in defense and gives you tools to a) return to a sense of safety and b) increase your awareness of alienated aspects of yourself so that you may reintegrate them to be more whole.


Physio-Emotional Galus (PEG) is a subtle but powerful disconnection between your head and heart which happens as an unavoidable consequence of being in this world.
PEG causes a significant gap between what you know and what you experience and impedes your self-potentiation as well as ability to heal.
Reconnecting the head to the heart through an internal experience of safety improves health, self-knowledge, ability to pray from your heart and ability to consistently perceive peace, love, joy and faith.

SHeM1 Integration Training gives you lifelong tools to alleviate the adverse effects of PEG.